About Us

The Confucius Institute in Auckland is a public, non-profit organisation established by The University of Auckland, Fudan University of Shanghai and the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban).

Bridge Between New Zealand and China

The Confucius Institute is proud to play a leading role in fostering closer cultural, social and business relations between China and New Zealand. We achieve this primarily by promoting Chinese language and culture study in New Zealand through the arts, educational programmes, events and scholarships. We service the wider Auckland region stretching from Northland down to the middle of the North Island. Click here for details of the regions.

This video, filmed in April 2014, showcases our programmes and activities. Alternatively, click here for a copy of our Annual Report 2014.

Website Link:

The Confucius Institute in Auckland website on Hanban's site.

Award-Winning Institute

Jenny Dixon, Deputy Vice Chancellor University of Auckland, receiving Pioneer Award

Launched in 2007, the Confucius Institute (CI) in Auckland has won five world-wide "Confucius Institute of the Year" awards and in 2014 a 'Pioneer Award' to acknowledge the Institute's work since 2007.

In addition, CI director, Nora Yao has won a highly prestigious "Outstanding Contribution" award, recognising her contribution to the success of CI in Auckland.

Networking for Expertise

The Institute supports China-related activities through its network of formal and informal partners.

The expertise within the Institute and throughout its networks supports high level advisory work, helping organisations and businesses capitalise on the huge opportunities arising from China’s rapid economic growth.

World Class

The Confucius Institutes make up a world class hub for communications and networking. They operate as a network in more than 470 centres within universities and educational institutions internationally.

They are recognised as an international authority on China-related events, networks, activities and educational programmes for individuals, communities, business and learning institutions.

Director, Nora Yao with Chinese television personality, Jiang Kun.

Making it Happen

CI is resourced to provide expertise and support across the fields of business, education, culture and language.

We run a wide range of courses, programmes, competitions and events.

Our programmes help promote our work and our vast resource base helps organisations capture the best opportunities emerging from China and the Asia-Pacific region.

Reaching Out

Through our work and our relationships we extend our outreach, ensuring that all New Zealanders can take advantage of the opportunities available.

We also help schools to find and access language-teaching staff and resources.

If you represent a school looking for qualified teachers of Chinese language or native Chinese speakers as a teacher assistant, please contact Raewyn Ho


The Confucius Institute takes its name from China's  well-known and respected philosopher, Confucius (551BC - 479BC).  His teachings have been influential for over two thousand years and still resonate strongly, not only in China but also throughout the modern world.

The name of the Institute reflects the perennial wisdom of Confucius and the spirit of learning for the advancement of peoples which permeates his philosophies.

The name Confucius conveys the continual journey to nurture the integration of language and culture into the full range of social and business contexts at home and abroad.