Our Vision

The vision at the Confucius Institute in Auckland is to continue and enhance the longstanding tradition of friendship, respect and co-operation between China and New Zealand.

Mutual Respect and Understanding

The vision of the Confucius Institute of New Zealand recognises the vital and continually evolving social, cultural, political and economic links between New Zealand and China at all levels of our respective societies.

We envisage a future of harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships based on an understanding and respect for the languages and cultures of our two peoples.

As a centre for sharing ideas and information, the Institute aims to move New Zealanders from simply talking about China, to actively engaging with Chinese language, culture and communities through our courses, programmes, events and strategic initiatives.

Prime Minister, Rt. Hon. John Key with the then Chinese Vice Premier, Xi Jinping on his visit to New Zealand in June 2010..

 Rt. Hon. John Key , The Prime Minister of New Zealand 2012:

"Ni hao. We strongly value our relationship with China. 2012 marks 40 years of diplomatic relations between our two countries, and this is a significant milestone in our friendship.
In 2008 New Zealand was the first in the world to sign a free trade agreement with China. This has already brought big rewards for trade and business between our two countries.
Our diverse and vibrant Chinese communities have an important role to play in shaping our future.
The growing interest in learning Mandarin at school is very pleasing to see. The ability to communicate in each other’s language will help build understanding and friendship.
It’s great to see the work of organisations throughout New Zealand, such as the Confucius Institute, working hard to open doors to China through education. Best Wishes."

Launch of the Confucius Institute in Auckland 2007

Sharing Ideas for an Harmonious Engagement

- Speeches at the Launch 2007

Rt. Hon. Helen Clark — Former Prime Minister of New Zealand
"In the 21st Century, we marvel at the sheer magnitude of China's growth, and the dramatic development it is unleashing. New Zealand can be both a contributor to and a beneficiary of China's growth and development. Over the years, China and New Zealand have built a strong relationship based on building on our common interests and discussing differences openly and freely, marked by a spirit of dialogue, forward-looking co-operation, and a commitment to find ways in which we can bring benefit to each other."

H.E, Mr. Zhang Yuanyuan — Former Ambassador of People's Republic of China to New Zealand
"The vast oceans that separate China and New Zealand have never stopped our two peoples from reaching out to one another. The relationship that started more than a hundred years ago has flourished steadily and assumed ever more dimensions. The rapid economic and social development of China in the past two decades, and more, further underscores the need for people to learn the culture, social customs, business protocols and - above all - the beautiful language of this ancient nation. I have no doubt that your institution will help more Kiwis succeed in this quest for knowledge and, in doing so, make a big contribution to the friendship and co-operation between our two countries and two peoples."

Mme Xu Lin — Director of HANBAN Office of Chinese Language Council International
"The establishment of the Confucius Institute in conjunction with The University of Auckland will provide a new platform for promoting Sino-New Zealand relationships and allow people in New Zealand to more effectively access Chinese language learning and culture. Through our mutual commitment and by working closely together, the Confucius Institute in Auckland will become a significant connection between the two nations and help promote further co-operation in education and cultural understanding, to continuously contribute to the development of Sino-New Zealand relationships."