How We Can Help

We are here to help teachers and students enjoy teaching and learning Chinese.

Getting Started at Your School

Starting Chinese at Holy Cross School

If you are thinking of introducing Mandarin language and culture classes to your school, you come under our "Chinese In Schools" programme.

Our support includes advice, introductory programmes, networking and information exchange, conferences, professional development, and resources.

Chinese in Schools Facilitator

Our teacher facilitator works with schools to introduce and develop Chinese language programmes.

For further information, contact Raewyn Ho

Mandarin Language Assistants

Mandarin Language Assistants and Teacher Assistants from China are available to help New Zealand teachers teach Chinese in primary and secondary schools.  While here, they live with local families in the school community.

Teachers' Professional Development Opportunities

Seminars, workshops, immersion days and other opportunities are offered by the Confucius Institute in Auckland, its network partners and the Ministry of Education. 

Teaching Resources and Chinese Cultural Resources

Academic and cultural resources from the Confucius Institute in Auckland  can be accessed at our Cultural Centre at 12 Grafton Road. Resources range from text books to costumes. Schools can read or photocopy relevant sections of books or order class sets through the Confucius Institute. Cultural items can be loaned through an online registration.

NZ Principals’ Delegation to China

The Confucius Institute in Auckland organises an annual New Zealand Principals' visit to China. Sponsored by the Office of Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) in China, this tailored trip provides an opportunity for New Zealand Principals to gain firsthand experience of Chinese culture and contemporary Chinese society.

Links with Chinese Schools

Confucius Institute can recommend contacts in China with which to foster a 'sister school' relationship for teacher or student exchanges, internet links or tours. For further information, contact Janine Chin