Professional Development for Teacher

Professional development of teachers is an important part of our work. CI wants to support teachers of Chinese at every level, whether beginning or advanced, to enable them to meet each other and exchange ideas on classroom practice. We also run workshops in partnership with other organisations such as ILEP, TPLT and NZCLTA.

2017 Distinguished Teacher Awards for Chinese Language Teachers in New Zealand Schools

Confucius Institute in Auckland is co-hosting with other organizations to select the disinguished teacher awards for Chinese language teachers in New Zealand schools.

For more details please check the website of NZCLTA, or download the flyer.


New Zealand Teacher Workshops

Teacher support including workshops for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced teachers of Chinese are held periodically.  These are friendly, informative sessions where experiences can be shared and networks created.
Please keep an eye on this webpage for updates on future workshops.

Lead Teacher Workshop in Auckland, Feb. 2017

Lead Teacher Workshops

In 2017, Mandarin Language Assistant (MLA) lead teacher workshops were held in February at The University of Auckland and in Hamilton. The next ones will be held in June in both regions again. Relevant schools will be informed prior to the event.

For school information, the MLA national professional development workshop will be held at the University of Victoria in Wellington from 26-28 April. All MLAs will attend.

 Amy Ko (middle), Chinese teacher from Meadowbank School, shares her experience on Lead Teacher workshop