World Class Teachers

Two teachers at the Confucius Institute in Auckland won awards from Hanban last year for their teaching.

Meiju Wang won a prize for "Outstanding Creativity" at an international language training course run by Hanban and Julie Zhu a teaching award at the international Confucius Institute conference in Beijing.

Julie Zhu and Meiju Wang (behind) at the Auckland Lantern Festival with Confucius Institute balloons

The award won by Meiju Wang is one of only a few given to Chinese language teachers from around the world who are selected for the workshop by their local Confucius Institutes.  She won the prize in partnership with Celia Liang of the Auckland International College, who had been proposed for the international workshop following the success of her pupils in national Chinese speech competitions.

The other teacher at the Confucius Institute in Auckland, Julie Zhu, won the same prize last year.

"I am very proud of our two teachers," the Director of the Confucius Institute in Auckland, Nora Yao, said today.  "It shows these two teachers are really world-class."

Director, Nora Yao (second from left) leads a teachers' workshop.

Meiju Wang, who has a Masters degree in Language Teaching from The University of Auckland, teaches Business, evening and after-work classes for adults, organises the resources and co-ordinates Chinese examinations for the Confucius Institute in Auckland. 

Julie Zhu, a doctoral student, teaches lunchtime classes for The University of Auckland staff, as well as evening classes.

Nora Yao said she was particularly pleased with the awards that the teachers had won.  "The Outstanding Creativity awards show they have the initiative and creativity to meet the needs of a particular group of students," she said.

"They are not just learning and copying.  They are making use of what they ahve learned and have the creativity to design teaching courses from it."

Nora Yao, who has taught Asian Studies herself at The University of Auckland for more than 25 years, said teaching had to be flexible and creative.

"Each year students are different.  We shape our courses for the particular group of students."