YCT: Youth Chinese Test

New Zealand teachers are encouraged to offer primary and intermediate children this junior test.

Exam Details 2017

Exam Type and Level Register and pay by Exam Date Date results announced
YCT Level 1 - 4 23 July 2017 19 August 2017 September 2017
YCT Level 1 - 4 22 October 2017 18 November 2017 December 2017


Exam Type and Level Fee (all fees include GST)
YCT Levels 1 - 3 NZ$20
YCT Level 4 NZ$30




Exam Registration and Paymen

Step 1 Registration
Register at the Hanban Chinese Test website

Step 2 Payment
Complete the online payment below. Credit card only.
Cheques and cash are accepted only if received during office hours at the Confucius Institute - Level 6, Room 622, The Owen G Glenn Building, The University of Auckland, 12 Grafton Road. Receipts will be given.

YCT Exam 19 August 2017 Online payment

YCT Exam 18 November 2017 Online payment  

All payments MUST be received by the deadline date to sit the exam.

Step 3 Admission Ticket
Print  your Admission Ticket from Hanban Chinese Test website www.chinesetest.cn which will be available one week before the exam. You will need this to sit the exam.

Exam results:

Exam results will be available on the Hanban website one month after the exam and your certificate will be posted out two months from the exam date.

Enquiries: please Contact Us; Tel: (09) 923 1916 (Monday-Tuesday only)

General Information 

Encouraging Success

The Youth Chinese Test (YCT) is an international Chinese test aimed at primary and intermediate students learning Chinese as a second language.

It is designed to activate students’ enthusiasm for learning Chinese, improve their speaking skills, and foster a sense of Chinese language and thinking.

A brief introduction to the Youth Chinese Test (YCT)

YCT is divided into four levels,  YCT Level 1, YCT Level 2, YCT Level 3 and YCT Level 4 which is the most difficult.

Each level is tested with an independent test paper.

Test takers may choose test of any level according to their Chinese proficiency.

Test takers obtaining results of distinction are qualified to apply for the Chinese Test Excellent Test Takers Scholarship, offered by Confucius Institute Headquarters/Hanban, for further study in China.

Objectives of YCT:

1. to activate candidates’ enthusiasm in learning Chinese;

2. to improve Chinese communication skills;

3. to foster a sense of Chinese language and thinking

4. to increase confidence and obtain a sense of honour in learning Chinese;

YCT Level Description

Click here for sample papers and vocabulary lists YCT Levels 1 - 4



 Skills and knowledge

Chinese Proficiency

Level 1


3 months with 2-3 class hours per week


80 commonly used words and related grammar patterns

Able to understand very simple words, sentences and dialogues; be able to read frequently used words and short sentences. Able to understand and use some of the common Chinese phrases and sentences. Has the ability to further their Chinese language studies.

Level 2


One semester with 2-3 class hours per week


150 commonly used words and related grammar patterns

Able to understand spoken simple sentences and everyday dialogues; able to read and understand commonly used words, sentences, paragraphs; able to write basic words concerning school and daily life. Able to understand and use some simple Chinese phrases and sentences and cope with a basic level of communication. 

Level 3


Two semesters with 2-3 class hours per week


300 common words and related grammar patterns

Able to understand dialogues and paragraphs to do with primary and intermediate school life; able to read the prescribed vocabulary and understand the general meaning of short essays; able to write Chinese characters; able to express ideas in connected sentences.

Has reached an excellent level in basic Chinese and can communicate on familiar daily topics in a simple manner.


Level 4

More than two semesters with 2-3 class hours per week

600 commonly used words and related grammar patterns

Able to communicate in Chinese at the basic level in their daily life as a student. If travelling in China, they can manage most forms of common communication in Chinese.


Test results and Certificates

All candidates taking part in the exam will receive a test result including marks of each question type as well as an evaluation of their language level.

Those qualified will receive an Elementary and Middle School Students Chinese Test Certificate, which may be used as an academic proof of the Chinese proficiency of the certificate holders when they transfer to another school or when they go abroad for further study.

The results may also be employed as a test of the teaching effects of Chinese courses in primary and intermediate/junior schools.