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Confucius Institute receives Pioneer Award

Confucius Institute 18 December, 2014

The University of Auckland received the "Confucius Institute Pioneer Award" from China's Vice Premier Mme Liu Yandong at the official opening ceremony of the Annual Confucius Institute Conference in Xiamen, China last week.

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Set-up of Confucius Institutes Globally / 专题 | 朱永生:我所了解的孔子学院

Confucius Institute 21 October, 2014

Professor Zhu Yongsheng is the former Dean of the International Cultural Exchange School ( Nov. 2004-Aug. 2011) at Fudan University. He was involved in the foundation of eight Confucius Institutes, including Confucius Institute at the University of Nottingham, Confucius Institute at Frankfurt University and Confucius Institute in Auckland. In this article, he is telling us his own experience of working with the partner universities and how the joint efforts were made by both sides that make the Confucius Institutes globally so successful today.

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Confucius Institute Day

Confucius Institute 2 October, 2014

The rich and beautiful cultures of Maori and Chinese were demonstrated at our very first Confucius Institute (CI) Day to be celebrated at The University of Auckland.

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