Confucius Institute Chinese Prizes

The Prizes were established in 2016 for the University of Auckland by Confucius Institute. The main purpose of the Prizes is to assist students studying a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Chinese at the University of Auckland.


1. The Prize will be known as the Confucius Institute Chinese Prizes.

2. Two Prizes will be awarded annually to the students enrolled in CHINESE 300 and/or CHINESE 301 who achieved the best GPA over their Stage II Chinese language courses (see Note i).

3. The Prizes will be paid as a fees credit for CHINESE 300 and/or CHINESE 301.

4. The Prizes will be awarded by the University of Auckland Council on the recommendation of the Head of Asian Studies and the Confucius Institute.

5. In the event of a tie, the Head of Asian Studies will determine, in consultaton with the Confucius Institute, if the Prize may be shared.

6. The Prize will not be awarded in a particular year if there is no candidate of sufficient merit.

7. The University of Auckland has the power to amend or vary these regulations provided that there is no departure from the main purpose of the Prize.

8. Notes -[iii] below are deemed to be regulations.


i) Stage II Chinese language courses include: CHINESE 200 and 201.

ii) The Prizes will be awarded in Semester One each year.

iii) Regulations are subject to Senate and Council approval.


Follow the link to the Arts Faculty website for more information.