Chinese Lion Dance Captivates Audience

One of the Confucius Institute in Auckland’s network of schools, Glendowie College held a Cultural Night on June 20th where the Chinese lion dance was featured, captivating and impressing the audience. Below is an extract about the performance from their newsletter, and the clip of this amazing show.

[From Glendowie College] The Chinese lion dance, a captivating Chinese cultural performance, took centre stage at the Cultural Night held at Glendowie College on June 20th. The talented students who brought the performance to life were Han Wang on the drums, and lion dancers Jenny An, Yisen Peng, James Shinkarenko, and Andy Yang. Their precision, coordination, and artistry made the performance engaging and memorable for every audience member. The lion dance performance provided a fantastic opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in Chinese culture and truly experience its rich traditions. The students from the lion dance team have described their participation as an incredible journey, highlighting the energy and teamwork required to bring this remarkable performance to life.

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