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12 Nov 2023





HSK Examinations: Level 7-9

Date: Sunday 12 November 2023
Time: 1 PM – 5 PM (NZT)
Cost: $220
Location: Online

The New HSK 7-9 Test is coming to New Zealand

For the first time, HSK 7-9 test will be held in New Zealand on November 12, 2023. There will be the only HSK test for Bands 7-9 of the advanced level in 2023. The organiser of HSK 7-9 test is the Confucius Institute in Auckland.

  • Test Format

In 2023, HSK 7-9 test only has one format: internet-based. All test participants are required to have their own computer and other related equipment in order to meet the online test requirements (See “Requirements” below for details)

  • Registration Deadline: 30 Oct 2023

Please hit the ‘Registration’ button on the left to submit your application, and then visit here for payment.

For information about test schedule, structure, content, and registration requirement, please visit here.


  • Computer and Internet Requirements

1. Please install Windows (7/10) operating system and Google Chrome. DO NOT use Mac (Apple).

2. Suggested screen resolution ≥ 1440 * 900 (Less than 1366 * 768 is NOT allowed) Windows 10 displays 100%.

3. Must have a camera (≥ 300,000 Pixels).

4. Mobile devices are NOT allowed for answering the test questions (including cell phones, tablets, etc).

5. The upload and download symmetrical bandwidth should be ≥20M, and the connection speed for the participants must reach 150KB/s or above. Proxy mode or VPNs cannot be used. Please test the network speed yourself in advance, and if it meets the standard when tested more than three times, it qualifies.

  • Should you have any questions, please contact us via:

Tel : 64-9 9231916