Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages


Teacher’s Certificate


The CTCSOL (Certificate for Teachers of Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages 国际中文教师资格证书) test is an international standardised test to assess candidates as Chinese language teachers internationally.

CTCSOL test is available in New Zealand and the registration opens to all eligible candidates living in the Australasia region.


The Confucius Institute in Auckland (CI) is currently the only official test centre in New Zealand to assist with the CTCSOL certificate training programme that includes an online course, a written test and an interview assessment for local candidates. As the only one in the region, the registration for the online tests is open to all the candidates currently living in Oceania.

See below for information on CTCSOL’s Test Eligibility, Structure and Results. For more information, visit the official CTCSOL website.

Test dates, registrations and payments 报名缴费信息


Test Dates

Registration Dates


Online Payment

Online course 线上课程   Anytime Register and Pay
Written Test 笔试 16 Apr 2022 8-17 Mar Closed Closed
Interview Test 面试
2-3 July 2022 – General 24 May-2 Jun Closed Closed
10 July 2022 – Local Closed
Written Test 笔试 24 Sept 2022 16-25 Aug Closed Closed
Interview Test 面试 10-11 Dec 2022 1-10 Nov Coming Soon Coming Soon


  • Registration and Payment links will be open accordingly,
  • The places for each test are limited.
  • Exam Registration and Payment in TWO steps. Follow the links above for each step.
    • Step 1: Registration to include your personal details.
    • Step 2: Payment online. Please ensure your details are EXACTLY the same as your registration for cross-referencing.

Exam Fees 考试费用

Exams Online course for non-Chinese nationals Written Test Interview assessment
Fees NZ$ 180 NZ$ 220 NZ$ 320
  • There will be an extra processing fee charge and GST for each online registration.

Test Eligibility 报名资格

The CTCSOL test has two versions, general (常规版) and local (本土版), and is for candidates who:

  • have a Bachelor’s degree or higher;
  • are native speakers of Chinese holding a People’s Republic of China (PRC) passport, (常规版 – 中国护照持有者)
    are non-Chinese nationals who wish to teach Chinese language and culture and have Chinese proficiency equivalent to HSK level 5 or HSKK Intermediate level. (本土版 – 非中国护照持有者)

Test Structure 考试结构

The CTCSOL programme is a combination of online courses, a written test and an interview assessment.



General Version – Written Test 常规版笔试

Time 考试时间 – 150 mins;  Total score 总分 – 150

第一部分 第二部分 第三部分
结构 基础知识 应用能力 综合素质
题量 50 50 50

Local Version – Written Test 本土版笔试

Time 考试时间 – 120 mins;  Total score 总分 – 150

第一部分 第二部分
结构 基础知识 应用能力
题量 60 20

Online Course 线上课程

  • This part is compulsory for ALL non-Chinese nationals, and is the pre-requisite for the CTCSOL assessments. This Course is optional for PRC nationals, but recommended for professional development.
  • Register and pay online anytime throughout the year.
  • CI in Auckland will send you an account number for your online training once your registration has been confirmed by CTI.
  • Log into the CTI website with your account number to start your course.
  • The course comprises over 70 micro-lessons (approx. 15 minutes each) and includes supporting resources managed by CTI.
  • Complete the online programme within one year or your account will expire, and you will need to register and start again.
  • Register and pay IF YOU wish to continue with the Written Test and Interview Assessment when you have completed the Online course.

Offline training is available on request only and subject to candidate numbers. Cost to be confirmed.

    • These courses are tailored by CI in Auckland to support registered candidates if needed.
    • The training DOES NOT comprise part of the CTCSOL programme.
    • Email exam@ci.ac.nz if offline training is needed.



 Score Percentage
CTCSOL (Local) Written Test
Online Course 40% 课程学习成绩依据为课程完成度,课程学习成绩有效期为1年。
Written Test 60%
CTCSOL (Local) Interview Test
Interview Assessment 100% 笔试成绩合格者方可报名参加面试,面试成绩合格可申请证书。

  * 课程学习成绩有效期为1年;笔试与面试成绩有效期均为2年。

Written Test (via online) 笔试(在线网考)

  • Candidates, as applicable, MUST have successfully completed the online training course.
  • Visit the CTCSOL website for information on the test structure and guidelines.
  • Register and pay before the deadline date (see above).
  • The ‘General Version’ test is for PRC passport holders. The ‘Local Version’ test is for non-Chinese nationals who have Chinese proficiency equivalent to HSK Level 5 or HSKK Intermediate level.
  • Log into the CTI website, one week before the test date for your admission ticket and other test information.
  • The test will be completed online via the internet on your computer. You MUST have Windows 7/10. The software is NOT supported by Mac OS.
  • You will be given a link, including instructions, to do a home internet test. Please ensure you do this by the expiry date. Follow the CTI guidelines if you have difficulties.
  • Participate in the written test organised by CI in Auckland on the test date.
  • No off-line test is available.

Interview Assessment 面试

  • Candidates MUST have passed the written test within the last two years.
  • Register and pay before the deadline (see above).
  • Log into the CTI website, one week before the test date for your admission ticket and other test information.
  • The test will be completed online via the internet on your computer. You MUST have Windows 7/10. The software is NOT supported by Mac OS.
  • Participate in the interview assessment organised by CI in Auckland on the test date.

Test Results and Certificate 成绩与证书

  • Candidates must successfully complete each section of the programme, as required, before being able to do the next part.
  • At the successful completion of all the training and assessment, candidates can apply to receive their CTCSOL certificate from Chinese Testing International.

More Information

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit China’s CTCSOL FAQs or email exam@ci.ac.nz.

FAQs 常见问题与解答

  • 我生活在澳大利亚,能否报名参加奥克兰考试中心的考试?


  • 我大学学习的不是中文相关专业,能否报考教师证书考试?



  • 我不是中国国籍,但中文很好,能否可以免修本土教师线上培训课程?



  • 我是中国籍考生,但在海外学习并取得了本科及以上学历,是否可以报考?


  • 参加考试时,必须出示身份证的原件吗?


  • 我在报名注册时,输入的个人信息有误,但系统已无法进行修改?


  • 考点是否提供或有售证书考试参考用书?


  • 能否使用苹果电脑参加居家网考?






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