Exam Group Registration


Group Registrations, Payments and Procedures

Group registrations can be submitted to facilitate groups sitting the same test on the same day. This is for primary and secondary schools, universities and community education centres in the Auckland, Waikato and Northland regions only.


  • Can be a cluster of candidates from different institutions uniting as a group to sit the same test.
  • MUST have 20+ examinees.
  • MUST have a coordinating person who will be the ONE point of contact with Confucius Institute for all matters relating to the test that includes ONE registration, ONE payment and ONE contact for queries.


  • Groups less than 200 in the Auckland region MUST sit the test at Confucius Institute’s designated venue on the test date.
  • Groups of 200+ in the Auckland region sitting the same test and level, can apply for an optional designated venue (eg own school) on an official test date or within 3 days after an official test date.
  • Groups of 20+ in the Waikato and Northland regions, sitting the same test and level, can apply for an optional designated venue on an official test date.
  • Groups less than 20 are not considered a group. Individuals will need to travel to Auckland on the designated date at the designated venue.

Optional venue application

Non-Confucius Institute designated venues MUST meet specific criteria and an application for venue approval emailed to Confucius Institute Exam Coordinator by 11.59 pm NZ time, at least FOUR WEEKS before the official registration deadline. 


Confucius Institute will confirm the venue approval decision no later than two weeks upon receiving the application.

Registration information

Registrations for exams MUST include registration form, payment and other criteria eg photos, venue approval (if applicable) etc completed correctly and submitted by deadline time.

  • Incomplete registrations will delay processes and/or may prevent candidates from being able to sit the exam.
  • No withdrawals, substitutions and/or additions of candidate is permitted after the submission of the group registration and payment.


  • Read instructions for group registrations
  • Complete the HSK or YCT registration form
  • Email the form to Confucius Institute exam@ci.ac.nz by 11.59pm NZ time, at least ONE week before the official registration deadline.


Digital photo (if applicable)

  • Digital photos are required for all HSK level 3 and above candidates.
  • Digital photos MUST be received by 11.59pm NZ time, at least ONE week before the official registration deadline.

Photo criteria includes:

  • A recent ID photo in JPG format;
  • Photo size is between 30 to 100KB;
  • Name the file with candidate’s name and test level eg: Jason Jones HSK5JPG



  • ONE payment comprising the total test fee sum (GST incl) MUST be received by Confucius Institute by 11.59pm NZ time, one week before the official registration deadline.
  • Payment method will be advised at approval of group registration.


Invoice (if applicable)

  • If an invoice is required to make the payment, an email including school name, school address, number of students for each exam, total sum of exam fees and contact details of finance person should be sent to Confucius Institute exam@ci.ac.nz by 11.59pm NZ time, at least SIX WEEKS before the official registration deadline. Confucius Institute will send you an invoice in time to pay by the group payment deadline.

Admission tickets

Download and print from Chinese Test website: www.chinesetest.cn.

  • You MUST HAVE this to sit the test.
  • Your ticket is available one week before the exam, not before.

Test results and Certificates

  • HSK/YCT results are available online at www.chinesetest.cn approximately a month after the test date.
  • Certificates can be collected from the CI office or will be posted approximately two months after the test.

All procedures, results and certificates are issued by the National Commission of Chinese Proficiency Test, which is under China’s Ministry of Education.

Timeline (Groups only)

Group Auckland – 20-199 Auckland – 200+ Northland/Waikato – 20+
Invoice 6 weeks pre-registration deadline
Venue application N/A 4 weeks pre-registration deadline
Group registration/ payment 1 week pre-registration deadline
Admission ticket Available 1 week pre-test date
Results Online 1 month post-test
Certificates 2 months post-test

Group is: one contact, one registration, one payment; candidate numbers as required.

Venue options: Confucius Institute designated venue OR Venue application for approval.




Physical Address:
The University of Auckland
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Phone: +64 9 923 9955
Email: info@ci.ac.nz

Postal Address:
Confucius Institute in Auckland
The University of Auckland
Private Bag 92019
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