First CTCSOL Interview Exam for the Year

The first CTCSOL interview test for the year was successfully held on the first and second weekends of July. We set up five online test rooms, and over 50 candidates participated in the one-on-one interviews. The number of registrations has remained steady compared to the same period last year, with a slight increase.


The interview is conducted by a panel of examiners for candidates who have passed the written test. It focuses on assessing the candidates’ ability to design teaching plans using various methods, organize and implement teaching processes, fulfil teaching tasks, and communicate and assist in teaching in English language. Additionally, it evaluates candidates’ communication skills, psychological qualities, teaching strategies, and other essential professional qualities. We are delighted to see an increasing interest in learning Chinese and understanding Chinese culture in the Oceania region, with more and more people aspiring to become qualified Chinese teachers. Congrats to all the candidates who sit in the exam, and best wishes for achieving excellent results!

The Institute encourages more teachers of Chinese to participate in this opportunity as CTCSOL is the only official test of teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages and is a standardised test that is internationally recognised – so worthy and deserving to those who achieve it!

For more information, visit Exams. 

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