Kiwi Youth Showcase Talents in Chinese Bridge Speech Competition

Eleven primary students captivated the audience with their stellar kungfu performance, other students sang popular Chinese songs, recited classic poems, performed traditional dances, and showcased Chinese calligraphy. Such scenes were commonly seen on Saturday 20 May when Chinese Bridge, a Chinese-speaking and cultural competition was held at the University of Auckland.


This year’s competition was a resounding success as the event saw a record number of over 100 Chinese language learners from year 3 to year 13 registered. Primary students battled it out in their 3rd “Chinese Bridge” competition and secondary students in their 16th “Chinese Bridge” competition. Hosted by the Consulate-General of the People’s Republic of China in Auckland and organised by the Confucius Institute in Auckland (CI), the event brought participants from the wider Auckland regions together to celebrate and showcase students’ language learning and cultural talents.


Secondary school students eloquently delivered their speeches on a range of topics, including Chinese history, traditions, and contemporary issues. The judges were impressed by the depth of understanding and fluency demonstrated by the young speakers, highlighting their dedication and passion for the Chinese language.


“We are thrilled to witness such incredible talent and passion among Auckland’s young students,” said Professor Dai Lan, chair of the judges’ panel. “These young individuals not only displayed remarkable linguistic skills but also deep cultural understanding. It’s inspiring to see how they have embraced the Chinese language and culture with such enthusiasm.”


As the occasion concluded, participants, judges, teachers, and parents expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to be a part of such a memorable experience and CI’s commitment to promoting and organising the event to support Chinese in Schools. As Auckland bids farewell to this year’s Chinese Bridge Competition, anticipation grows for next year, when students will, once again, have the opportunity to embrace and share the vibrant world of Chinese language and culture.

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