Local Schools Shine

In a celebration of language, culture, and the remarkable abilities of young minds, Meadowbank School and Cornwall Park District School recently hosted their respective Chinese speech competitions. These events served as a testament to the dedication of students and educators in promoting multilingualism and fostering international connections. CI in Auckland was invited to be judges and to witness the talents and passion of the young participants.

Students embraced the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on a wide array of topics, ranging from environmental conservation, with speeches on how to protect our planet, to heart-warming descriptions about their beloved pets. All the participants delivered their speeches with remarkable fluency, eloquence, and confidence.

CI in Auckland was pleased to support the speech competitions in local schools. Professor Zhang, the deputy director of CI, expressed her admiration for the students, saying, “It’s truly inspiring to see these young learners’ efforts in second language learning. From them, I see the meaning of language as a bridge connecting cultures.”

The Institute looks forward to more schools participating in future competitions.

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