24 Sep

This event has passed.

Raye Freedman Arts Centre
7.00pm — 9.00pm

In celebration of the Chinese Moon Festival and NZ Chinese Language Week 2018, the Confucius Institute in Auckland is hosting the Performing Arts Troupe from Minzu University of China to present a night of dance and music on 24th September, at Raye Freedman Arts Centre in Auckland.

Minzu University is the top university in China for ethnic minorities, and admits students from all 56 ethnic groups. Since 92% of Chinese people are of the Han ethnicity, Minzu University is an important institution of promoting ethnic diversity in tertiary education. The visiting troupe features diverse talents from the ethnic minorities in China. The performances will include songs, dances and musical pieces. No matter how familiar you are with Chinese culture, the performances will provide a unique insight into the art and culture of China, especially those of the minority groups.

The performance in Auckland is part of the University's Oceania tour, organized by the Confucius Institute Headquarters. The troupe will also perform in Wellington, Fiji and Vanuatu. After the performance on 24 September, the dancers and musicians will also visit several Auckland schools to exchange with local students.

The performance is open by invitation only. 

A cocktail reception starts at 6:15PM for all the audience in the foyer area.

Event link: https://mzu-auckland.eventbrite.co.nz