13 Aug

This event has passed.

G01, Pembridge House, Confucius Institute in Auckland
6.00pm — 7.30pm
After the break of lockdown, the Mandarin language courses at the Confucius Institute in Auckland is back. The courses are open for registration now.

The participants should know at least 300 Chinese words.

This course aims at expanding your vocabulary with HSK3 characters and words. In this course, you will learn the vocabulary and grammar structures to communicate specific and complex ideas in Chinese. This course will also enhance your speaking skills to present personal narratives and express basic life topics clearly, and get you more proficient with reading and writing text in Chinese characters. You will be able to produce simple connected text on topics related to your daily, academic, and professional lives, and briefly give reasons and explanations for opinions and plans.

The final goal aims to pass the HSK-3 exam.

Time/DatesSessionsVenuePriceRegister Link
13 Aug ~15 Oct
10 SessionsG01
Pembridge House