28 Feb

This event has passed.

Owen G Glenn Building, 12 Grafton Road, Auckland
6.00pm — 8.00pm

Basic Chinese

This is an ABC course for beginners, whether you have a dream to visit or to work in China or to communicate with your Chinese friends at work or over a dinning table, or even to look to reconnect with your Chinese heritage, this course is to set you for the start. The course is divided into 3 levels with different topics under each. You are welcome to start with level 1 or any other level suiting you. Participants are expected to master the topics covered by the end of the course and to communicate freely in and out of the classroom with what is learned. The Basic Mandarin course will also create a good foundation for your further study of Chinese wherever you go.

The first term will start from 28 February 2018.

Register and more information please click http://www.publicprogrammes.ac.nz/basic-chinese/