The first HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) in 2019, run by the Confucius Institute in Auckland, was successfully held on April 14, with a total of 127 participants sitting one of HSK’s six exam levels.

Over the past 12 years, HSK has attracted an increasing number of New Zealanders. Two exam venues were available this round - Auckland and Whangarei – and also included a group of nine students who travelled from Hamilton to sit the exam in Auckland.

Some participants commented that they were keen to learn more Chinese and to understand the culture. By taking HSK, they hope they will have more opportunities to participate in Chinese summer camps, student exchange programmes or other culture programmes.

HSK is a pre-requisite for ‘foreigners’ to study in a Chinese university, at times for Chinese scholarships or study camps and can also assist with job opportunities.

Check for more exam dates in 2019.