Campus heated up with “Chinese”

On Saturday, 13 May, over one hundred local Chinese learners gathered in the city campus of the University of Auckland to compete on their Chinese fluency.

May 15

The new language of love. Mandarin

At a time of unprecedented growth in the relationship between New Zealand and China, MEttle interviewed several key figures involved in furthering the learning of Mandarin, asking how developing a shared understanding of language and culture can help New Zealand to capitalise on the growing economic, trade and tourism ties with China.

May 12

Growing and Changing: MLA PD Training in Wellington

During the first school holiday in April, the 48 MLAs from Confucius Institute in Auckland flew to Wellington to attend the national MLA Professional Development Workshop from 25th to 28th April.

May 2

22 students from Confucius Classroom at St Peter’s College had their trip to China

Landing in Shanghai, our St Peter’s group of 22 excitedly departed the plane.

May 1

Young Kiwis have a word in Mandarin to Premier Li

On behalf of thousands of young Kiwis who are learning Chinese, Miss Bethany Robb expressed her appreciation to the visiting Chinese Premier Li Keqiang.

March 31

Assembly in Honor of the YCT Participants at Meadowbank School

Last Friday at the school assembly in Meadowbank School, students who had participated in the YCT exams last year received special congratulations and awards.

March 14

First Two Confucius Institute Chinese Prizes awarded to UOA students

Two students from the Arts Faculty in the University of Auckland were awarded for their achievements in learning Chinese.

March 1

Mandarin: music to her ears

Auckland primary teacher Rachel Crellin is combining her love for music and languages by bringing Mandarin into her classroom. Rachel's school, Marshall Laing, has been co-hosting a CI Mandarin Language Assistant since 2014.

February 27

Follow Us on WeChat!

Confucius Institute in Auckland is on WeChat and other Social Media! Scan and Follow us, NOW!

February 25

Confucius Institute “Individual Performance Excellence Award“ to Professor Jenny Dixon

Congratulations to Professor Jenny Dixon for receiving an “Individual Performance Excellence Award“ by Confucius Institute Headquarters in Kunming last December.

February 21

FLASH-BACK: Auckland Lantern Festival 2017

Enjoy a short video filmed at the Auckland Lantern Festival 2017. Can you find CI Auckland there?

February 20

“You’re Ambassadors! ” Welcome 2017 MLAs!

In 2017, 48 MLAs are going to 137 NZ schools for the year to support Chinese programmes in the Auckland and wider Auckland regions. At the welcome ceremony organized by Confucius Institute in Auckland on 10th Feb 2017, they were referred to as "Ambassadors" between China and New Zealand.

February 12


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