The New HSK Level 7-9 Test is Coming to New Zealand

For the first time, HSK 7-9 test will be held in New Zealand on November 12, 2023. There will be the only HSK test for Bands 7-9 of the advanced level in 2023.The organiser of HSK 7-9 test is the Confucius Institute in Auckland.

In 2023, HSK 7-9 test only has one format – internet-based. All test participants are required to have their own computer (with Windows system) and other related equipment such as headset in order to meet the online test requirements (See “Current Event” page for details).

The fee for the exam is $220 (NZD). Registration has now been open, and will be closed at 30th Oct 2023. For information regarding the eligibility, test content and structure, please visit here.

For those who are interested. please do not hesitate to contact us at

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