Unleashing Potential: MLA March Workshop

In a dynamic convergence of minds and motivation, the Mid-March Workshop for MLAs 2024 should be a transformative experience for all involved. Over three days, attendees were immersed in a whirlwind of learning, growth, and self-discovery.Central to the workshop were the voices of guest speakers whose insights and expertise not only enriched MLAs’ knowledge about local culture but gave them meaningful inspirations for class management and equipped them with intercultural language teaching methods. From practical strategies to personal anecdotes of teacher-student relationships, each speaker left an indelible mark on the minds of participants.But the workshop wasn’t merely a passive experience of listening and learning. It was a call to action, a challenge to push boundaries and explore new horizons. Through a blend of brain and physical exercises, MLAs were encouraged to step outside their comfort zone and confront obstacles with courage and determination.The results were nothing short of remarkable. Through group discussions and presentations on given tasks, and outdoor activities, everyone actively engaged in, contributed their ideas, and encouraged each other to do better. This collaborative spirit fostered an environment of “Kia Kaha” – be strong, be courageous – which serves as a guiding principle throughout the workshop and beyond.

With newfound insights and a renewed sense of purpose, MLAs 2024 are back to schools with a clear understanding of their potential and a commitment to supporting school language programmes. For us, the MLA March Workshop was not just an event because we saw a catalyst for transformation and a spark being ignited.
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