Exam Dates in 2022

Although there are still lots of uncertainties in organizing the exams under the restrictions, the Auckland Exam Centre would like to confirm the exam dates in 2022 for your early information. Details about the registrations and other information will be updated when they are available.

Like everyone, we look forward to having the exams back in 2022. Kia Kaha! 加油!


Exam Dates

Deadline for Registration/

Dates of results announced

HSK Level 1-6 9-Apr-2022 13-Mar-2022 9-May-2022
HSK Speaking 14-May-2022 17-Apr-2022 14-Jun-2022
YCT Level 1-4 20-Aug-2022 24-Jul-2022 20-Sep-2022
HSK Level 1-6 16-Oct-2022 19-Sep-2022 16-Nov-2022
YCT Level 1-4 12-Nov-2022 23-Oct-2022 12-Dec-2022
HSK Level 1-6 4-Dec-2022 7-Nov-2022 4-Jan-2023
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