Our classes are taken by award-winning teachers with an emphasis on practical and enjoyable learning.

Chinese language classes

If you want to learn about Chinese culture for your next trip to China or some business etiquette and language, then these classes are for you. Classes are organised by the Confucius Institute in Auckland in conjunction with The University of Auckland's Centre for Continuing Education.

Click here for Basic Business Mandarin Level 1

Click here for Basic Conversational Mandarin Level 1

Click here for Mandarin for travelllers

Our Lunchtime Mandarin course will start on 21 March 2017.

This course will appeal to learners with no knowledge of Chinese language who want to use basic Chinese in daily communication. It will cover an introduction to Chinese Romanisation (pinyin), most commonly used vocabulary, everyday expressions, situational conversations and Chinese cultural aspects. When completing this course, you are welcome to continue your Chinese learning to Basic Conversational Mandarin Level 2.

Click here for Conversational Mandarin – Level 1 – Lunch Track.