Resources for Schools and Chinese language teachers

The Confucius Institute has a library of cultural items (see list below) that can be borrowed by schools in the Auckland region to support Chinese language and cultural programmes.

To loan these, there is an annual subscription of $50.00 - non-refundable and expiring at the end of the school year. Please make the payment before requesting these resources.

To make a payment and/or book items, you can Contact Us with your request.

Please read the terms and conditions of loan first.

Resources to Schools – Terms and Conditions

  1. All items belong to the Confucius Institute in Auckland and loaned at their discretion.
  2. Items must be returned as you received them. This includes dry cleaned/washed clothing.
  3. Items must be returned within a month of loan to the Confucius Institute in Auckland, The University of Auckland, Level 1 Pembridge House, 31 Princes St, Auckland.
  4. A replacement cost or late penalty may be charged for damaged/lost or late return items. Pick up and drop off of items is the responsibility of the school.
  5. Subscription is for the school year only regardless of when payment was made.



手绢花 (Handkerchief flowers)

舞蹈绸带(Silk ribbons)

京剧面具 (Beijing opera masks)

太极扇(Taichi fans)

深粉色扇子(Dark-pink fans)

浅粉色扇子(Light-pink fans)

江南团扇(Round fans)

民族伞 (Traditional umbrellas)

快板 (Allegros)



太极-荧光白、米白、 黑(Taichi Costumes - white/ off-white/black)

民族服(minority costumes)


成人唐装-深蓝色、暗红色(Adult-size Tang Suits - dark blue/ dark red)

男童短袖演出服-金色、深蓝色、暗红色(Primary school boys' dragon-pattern costumes - gold/ dark blue/ dark red)

小男孩无袖演出服-金色、大红色(little boys' sleeveless costumes - gold/red; for size 130cm & 140cm)


汉服(Adult-size Han clothing)


成人太阳花舞蹈服(Adult-size Sunflower dance costumes - red/ green)

成人玫红牡丹舞蹈服(Adult-size pink flower dance costumes)

女孩舞蹈服-浅绿、浅粉(Girls' dance costumes - light green/ light pink)

小女孩大红色舞蹈服(little girls' dance costumes - for size 130cm & 140cm)


鱼、福、十二生肖挂饰(fish/ Fu/ 12 Zodiac animals ornaments)

中国结(Chinese knots)

国旗(Chinese national flags)

Cultural Activities


跳绳(skipping ropes)

橡皮筋(elastic bands)